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Fantasy Character Design



Utnapishtim, a half-elf belonging to the great mass of workers of the fertile crescent of the river Et, also survives as a thief in the streets of the ancient city of Sippar. One night, fed up with the discrimination suffered by the elves, he enters the prosperous neighborhood of Ur and steals the ceremonial armor of an ancient elven leader.

His journey begins as he escapes from Sippar, ready to enrich himself with the wisdom the world has to offer and learn all he can about summoning magic.


Homunculus of Utnapishtim

Smut is a sweet and lethal fantasy creature. His body is smooth, covered with a delicious cinnamon coating.

He is an experienced sorcerer of great power and determination. Because of his bravery, strength, and kindness, this simple homunculus has become an essential member of the team.



Grandolina Bloodfist is a young, proud and daring half-orc. Despite her young age, she is one of the strongest in her village, Cañón Vil. She has been working as a caravan guard for several years now, carrying precious stones from her village to the nearby human cities.

One day, a nobleman named Blaive (or as he is known in Cañón Vil “I’ve heard about him”) attacks Grandolina’s village with his men, gaining access to the precious stone deposits and subduing and enslaving its inhabitants. After an ambush, Grandolina is left for dead, but survives. She is determined to take revenge on Blaive and free her people. However, she knows that to confront him she will have to continue to mature, train in combat and get support.



Samoritz’s grandfather, Aquitanio, disappeared suddenly one autumn night and was not heard from until 15 years later. When he returned, he did so silently, sadly. During the 10 years until his death he would never speak again. Where he had been, what he had seen or the reason for his disappearance were a mystery he took to his grave. Well, a mystery… Until Samoritz found his grandfather’s old trunk, full of maps, impossibly colored rocks, shells and wonderful dried flowers… and maps, lots of maps.

It was also one autumn night when Samoritz quietly left Musa Bhumi following the indications of his grandfather’s maps, ready to find that which had plunged him into the greatest sadness during the last years of his life.




Me, a ninja

Game Master

The mysterious man who holds our future in his hands. Legend has it that he was a powerful warrior, but little else is known about him…