Sorcerer to the Crown (Spanish edition)

Zen Cho — Duermevela Ediciones

A wry, funny and witty novel that skillfully explores racial and gender prejudice.

It is the Regency era, and magic is disappearing from England. To top it off, the new royal sorcerer is Zacharias Smith, a freed slave chosen for his magical abilities who the rest of the wizards see as a dark-skinned interloper. At least she is not a woman, as it is well known that women hardly have magical abilities, right? That’s what our protagonist also believes until he meets Prunella, a determined and outspoken young woman with a power that has not been seen in the country for years and a goal of her own: a good marriage. Together, they will try to recover the magic and avoid an imminent international conflict, although both hide secrets that should not come to light.

Illustration by Cinthya Álvarez for Duermevela Ediciones.